Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Meet a New Roommate

Meeting new roommates is intimidating when you are interviewing people whom you do not know. Advertisements and social networking gives you options for potential roommates but from there you have to make sure that your lifestyles will work well under the same roof. Address potential problems beforehand and present yourself well to your new roommate and enjoy the possibility of a new friend.


1. Place an advertisement in your local newspaper as well as online sites such as Craigslist. Add certain specifics that you want from a roommate, such as gender, age and level of activity. The benefit of these sources is that they reach people who are ready to move in and pay their part of the rent. You can set the expectations upfront and limit your responses to people interested in your living arrangement and expense range. The disadvantage is that you are opening the opportunity to people whom you do not know.

Contact your network of friends. Let them know that you are in need of a roommate and give them some specifics on rent cost and location. This gives you a chance to find a roommate who is already comfortable with your friends and might have some things in common with you. Unfortunately, this reaches fewer people than public advertisement and your chance of finding a roommate depends on whether your friends are aware of someone in need.

Clean your home and remove any trash from the site. Prepare your home before your potential new roommate arrives. Your home represents what they will expect while living there. If it is a mess, this will turn off most potential roommates.

Add personal touches of yourself to your home. This might include decorations in your home, though you should keep more personal decorations restricted to your bedroom. If you like to cook, make something welcoming for you and your new roommate.

Welcome them into your home and be courteous. Offer them important information about yourself and request similar information about them. Discuss your work schedules and specific restrictions of your work, such as when you have to wake up or how often you are late coming home. It is not important for you to share an identical work schedule, but you do want to avoid situations where your schedules will upset the lifestyle of the other. Talk about your relationship status and let them discuss theirs. This gives you an idea of how often you can expect to have boyfriends or girlfriends in your home as well as how long you can expect them to remain as your roommate. Discuss personal habits like drinking and smoking that could make a roommate situation uncomfortable for the other.

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