Thursday, February 2, 2012

24 Crazy Types Of People On Facebook

The Person Who Thinks Facebook Is Their Diary

The Person Who's Trying to Get over their Ex

     The Person that Uses a lot of Exclamation Points

    The Showoff


    The Person Who Only Posts Closeups of their Face

    The Idiot


    The Person Who doesn't Use Commas


    The Person with the Shitty Band


    The Person that Doesn't Know the Difference Between "then" and "than"


    The Person that Can't Sleep and Wants you to Know About it


    The Philosophizer


    The Person Who's Always Changing their Name

     The Hypocrite

     The Activist


     The Awkward Mom


    The Person that Really Needs to Read the News


    The Person that thinks Facebook is Twitter

     The Gamer


     The New Mom Always Posting about her Baby


    The Person that Complains about their Job


    The Person that Hates "Fake People"

     The Person with no Filter


    The Passive Aggressive one


    The Jesus Freak

    Post via buzzfeed

    1 comment:

    1. You had me at the Person who sees Facebook as a understand I'm not opposed to Facebook in and of itself--just to the "precious" people who light it up ;)


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