Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roommate Confessions Continues

Some people just never know when to stop. Sure, a prank to and with roommates here and there can be pretty hilarious, but it is important to stick to non humiliating, safe, funny things. It's also important to listen to your roommate if he or she went through a case of hurt feelings.

For instance, let's say you hide Maggie's things...you all have a good laugh watching Maggie look for whatever she needs, looking like a crazy headless chicken. At the end, you tell Maggie where to find X item, but it turns out she was on the verge of tears. The best thing to do is to just apologize and move on because not everyone is bound to share your sense of humor, right?

Now, Just as we promised, here is short story number 2:

I live in a cabin with 5 other guys and two showers that are right next to one another. Two roomates decide to dump ice cold river water from a huge bucket onto two guys taking showers. Payback was putting beef paste in the shower head so the one guy who showers about half and hour before anyone else got a beef soup shower. Never have I woke up to a more irate person, and despite finding the wrench in our room right away he still has no idea who beefed him.

Author Mike S.

Confession via College Humor

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